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I've been involved in the bike scene for a long time now (read old git!), building and riding bikes. I thought it was time to do something with the lifestyle and dreams that we allhave and get some of these imagesdown on canvas.

Hopefully you will relate to some of them (maybe all, though that would make you as weird as me!). I am always looking for comments so please feel free to drop me a line at:

All images are printed on heavy (300 gr+) acid free fine art paper with top quality inks. You have a choice between a print, a mounted print or the whole hog a framed print. Most are Limited Editions and come with signed certificate.

Please get in touch for prices on framed prints.
Ride safe, ride free

Road To Bonneville (16"x12")View Details

On the way to Speed Week at Bonneville. Modern Harley and old Triumph Speed Bike. Limited edition worldwide of 650... read more
Print or Mounted

Ton Up MetalView Details


BRAND NEW!! This really is something different as the image is printed on... read more

Girl Rocker MetalView Details


BRAND NEW PRODUCT!! New development of printing artwork on copper plate... read more

Steve McQueen in The Great Escape PrintView Details


Here we have a new painting. A cariacature of Steve McQueen posing on his bike in the film The Great... read more

Fag Break MetalView Details


BRAND NEW!! Artwork printed on copper plated metal. This really is... read more

Steve McQueen in Bullit PrintView Details


Fantastic cariacature of Steve McQueen in the car chase film Bullit!

Great quality and great fun these prints are supplied... read more

Easy Rider PrintView Details


BRAND NEW!! Great cariacature of the classic scene in Easy Rider featuring Dennis... read more

Barry Sheene PrintView Details


BRAND NEW!! Great cariacature artwork of the late great Barry Sheene with his favourite number 7. This is... read more

Run to the Sun Metal PrintView Details

No Image

BRAND NEW!! Artwork printed on copper metal and presented mounted on... read more

Mean Streets. (23"x14.5") View Details

Blasting off from the lights in the mean downtown streets, biker bar behind. Look closely as lots happening in background... read more
Print or Mounted

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